Revision Policy

Our aim is to come to the aid of every student that might need our help now or anytime in the future. Once we take on a task, we will focus on it, and we will pay close attention to each individual’s needs. The satisfaction of our clients is what keeps us up and going, which is why it is a vital part of our business to keep you happy. We will not stop until we create a custom paper of the highest quality, meeting all of the requirements that you have set for us at the beginning of our collaboration.

Even so, there may still be times when the final project doesn’t appeal 100% to our clients, which is why they are entitled to ask for a revision. Our wish is to turn you into a satisfied client, which is why you don’t have to hesitate to ask for a revision if you feel like you may want one. We hereby post our revision policy so that you will know how to proceed in case you want any changes to your product.

How Our Revision Policy Works

If you, as a customer, require a revision that doesn’t involve any changes to the original requirements, we will revise your project free of charge. However, you must place your request for a revision within the first 14 days after receiving the first draft. This will allow you to review your completed work once again to see if it fully meets your instructions. Just mention the reason you are dissatisfied with your product and we will proceed to fix the problem right away.

All of your requests for revisions will be placed through the Customer Support Department. You can contact us through various methods including phone, e-mail or even the live chat on our website that is always available for you. Keep in mind that any request for revisions that takes place after the 14-day period will hold some additional charges.

If you want a revision that goes beyond your original instructions, there will also be an extra charge. Here are some cases in which we might ask for an additional fee to your total cost.

  • If you have altered the initial instructions after the assigned writer has already started working on your project.
  • If your instructor provides you with additional touches to your original instructions (such as resources, extra pages or information), we will determine the additional fees when the instructions are made available to us.
  • If you made an error in your original instructions, you can correct them in the first two hours, making your revision free of charge. Otherwise, be aware that the revision will hold extra costs.
  • If you did not provide us with certain necessary resources that aren’t readily available, you will have the responsibility to offer us those resources so that we can properly finish your task.
  • If you are not able to able to supply crucial resources, you will be responsible for covering the costs needed to obtain them. If we do not have the information you want, we need to be able to purchase the research from trustworthy companies, which is why additional fees will be added.

Getting a Free Revision

While our revision policy may seem complex, you should keep in mind that we also have instances when we offer free revisions. Because we want to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients, we offer you revisions free of charge when:

  • Your instructions were not thoroughly followed by our writer, even though no additional changes were made after the initial order.
  • You request for a revision in the first 14 days upon receiving your final draft. Depending on the length of the paper, the revision period can differ from project to project. This is why it is your responsibility to find out how many days you are allowed for a revision request.

Placing an Order for a Revision Request

If you want to ask for a revision from us, you must go through the following steps:

  • Contact our Customer Support Department and place a request for a revision. This can be done either by e-mail, phone or live-chat, during the correct time set for a revision.
  • You must write down all of your instructions for a revision. If your original request was done by phone, you will be asked to submit your order in writing, with evidence that supports your claim for a revision.

We will try our best to provide you with qualitative revisions at a minimum cost. We will even provide free revisions when the case asks for it, making sure that your document meets the standard of an academic paper. Having said that, we will make sure that, in the end, you will be completely satisfied with your final product.

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