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Argumentative Research Essay
Research Paper

February 20, 2018

Great work! Thank you!

United States Supreme Court case of Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health, 497 U.S. 261 (1990).
Term Paper

February 12, 2018

Well written and way ahead of required date. Thank you!

Human Resources Strategic Planning and Measurement Task Force

February 04, 2018

Great job! I received an excellent grade. Thank you!!

Cultural Communication and Reorganization

February 04, 2018

Great job! I received an excellent grade. Thank you!!

Embellished Resume
Case study

February 04, 2018

Thank you! Was exactly what I needed!

Pequignet Case Study - Corporate Entrepreneurship
Case study

January 29, 2018

Well done and submitted before deadline. Thank you!

Why an MBA and why Georgia Tech? (Required) Describe how your experiences, both professional and personal, have led you to the decision to pursue an MBA at Georgia Tech. Discuss your short- and long-term career goals and how Georgia Tech is best suited to help you achieve your goals.
Admission essay

January 25, 2018

Great Revision.

Lecture on Strategic Thinking

January 15, 2018

This paper was very well written and covered everything that I requested. The writer did a great job! I would definitely recommend as a preferred writer.

IB Economics commentary

January 14, 2018

Good use of economics and style of writing. Some sentences were poorly structured but easily fixable. Would be better if diagrams were drawn and not taken from websites and referenced but no big deal. Went over the required word limit.

Aviation management proposal. CRITICAL ANALYSIS PROPOSAL of (any topic you choose) IN AVIATION INDUSTRY.
Research Paper

November 17, 2017

Good paper, fine writer. Some mistakes in spelling.



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