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College students have a lot of different types of writing to do while they’re studying. They do most of them by themselves, but there are some assignments that are especially complex and even difficult. Among them, we have the case study, which a lot of students despise. And how does one get out of writing it without getting a bad grade? They hire a professional writing company – for example,

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A case study can be written in two different ways: the analytical approach and the problem-oriented method. The two approaches differ slightly in methods, but generally speaking, any case study has eight sections, as follows:

  • Executive Summary (Synopsis), featuring the crucial contents, the outline of the issues and results, the overview of the company or a description of the field of research, the purpose of the case study, the theory employed, as well as the assumptions made.
  • Findings, including separate sub-sections for each problem and the identification and analysis for each of the issues that are found.
  • Discussion, featuring a summary of the main problems, as well as alternative solutions and an assessment of their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Conclusion, which is a summary of the findings and discussion.
  • Recommendations, identifying the alternative solution(s) that are to be adopted, the explanation or otherwise justification of the choice and a projection of how it will solve the main problems, plus the integration of coursework and theory.
  • Implementation, explaining who should do what and at what moment, including costs, both in terms of time and money.
  • References, needing correct citations.
  • Appendices, presenting relevant original data.

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