When a customer sends us an order, it implies that he/she agrees to the following conditions mentioned in our disclaimer, without exception.

Use of product: Each sample of writing provided by one of our professional writers cannot be acclaimed by a customer as his/her own work. Samples and examples of scholarly writing and research, which belong to GetGoodGrade.com.

Customer contact: Each client is required to provide his/her contact information to GetGoodGrade.com. In the case in which the information isn’t correct, it may lead to a possible delay of order. If that occurs, the company doesn’t accept responsibility for the delay.

Order cancellation: In the case in which a customer wants to cancel an order, after having made the payments for its completion, the following conditions apply:

  • The amount of money refunded depends entirely on the stage of progress made by the writer. If the assignment had already been allocated to a writer, and the task is partly completed, the refund will, by all means, vary according to this factor.
  • If, after requesting a refund, a customer wishes to use that sum of money towards placing a future order, that’s a possibility as well.

The use of resource materials

Upon every order GetGoodGrade.com receives, the writer will aim at utilizing relevant, current and reliable resource materials that will construct an excellent paper. Additionally, the customer may require the author to use a range of preferred support materials. In the case in which the writer doesn’t have access to those resources, there are two instances:

  • The customer may send the writer the research sources if he/she disposes of them.
  • Alternatively, by paying an additional fee, the writer may purchase the required data and use it in constructing the piece.

In the case in which a delay occurs because the research materials weren’t delivered within the required time-frame, GetGoodGrade.com cannot be held liable for it.

Customer instructions

Upon each order placement, the customer imminently accepts full responsibility for communicating elaborate information about the order. One is expected to complete the filling form in detail, providing detailed instructions. There are situations in which the writer may require further information on the assignment, in that scenario, he/she will contact the customer. That asks of the client to respond immediately to avoid possible delay in the order.

Plagiarism-free clause

Our writers are obliged by their contract to deliver 100 percent original content, in all cases. On that account, before sending our customers a final draft, we always check the content for plagiarism. If, due to any reason, the customer notices plagiarized content, we will provide you with the needed revisions, free of charges.

Technologic problems

GetGoodGrade.com cannot be held liable for possible issues that may occur due to electronic or technologic problems that may emerge due to various reasons.


When a customer places an order, he/she imminently accepts to abide by the conditions mentioned in this disclaimer. That involves providing GetGoodGrade.com with the permission to charge his/her credit card, upon the completion of the order.

Delivery delays

When GetGoodGrade.com accepts an order, we imminently accept the deadline mentioned by the customer. Nonetheless, there are several instances in which we cannot be held accountable for possible delays, as following:

  • If the client hasn’t provided us with correct billing information, and he/she doesn’t proceed to respond immediately, by communicating it, the writer won’t start working on the assignment.
  • If a customer doesn’t answer promptly to any question or request the author may have regarding the order, the production may, hence, be delayed. In this scenario, GetGoodGrade.com isn’t responsible for possible delays, and asking for refunds is out of the question.
  • If a customer may ask for considerable modifications of the paper, which differ from the initial guidelines, there’s the possibility that the time of the delivery may suffer changes.

The academic level of the customer

The customer has the responsibility of communicating us his/her correct academic level, upon placing an order. If that doesn’t happen, this may result in an additional fee.

Customer service availability

Each client benefits from regular, 24/7 customer service – that’s a guarantee. If there is a problem concerning the delivery time, one is expected to communicate that to the support staff right away.

Binding Laws

Each customer has to abide by the local, county, state or country laws that apply in regards to online purchasing. Additionally, these statutes apply in regards to buying academic service online as well.

Confidentiality clause

We provide our customers with the guarantee that their private information will not be communicated to a third party, under any circumstances. A client’s private information is not to be revealed to an individual outside the company. Additionally, the client is expected to understand that the use of cookies is for the sole reason of improving his/her browsing experience on the site. 

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