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Generally, it’s the humanities students who complain about written assignments, although students from all fields have essays to write and all kinds of tasks. However, there are certain assignments that are specific to each area, and it wouldn’t seem like it, but the science field actually has quite a few written assignments of its own, including things like a lab report.

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Writing a Lab Report The Right Way

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What does a lab report contain?

These kinds of assignments always have slight differences, depending on your coordinator or specific university instructions, but a lab report has a main structure of seven sections that is usually respected:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract, otherwise known as the summary or synopsis of the experiment or project.
  3. Introduction, which presents the experiment, the objectives, and its background.
  4. Methods and materials, where it is explained how the experiment was conducted, what the process was, and what were the materials used.
  5. Results, featuring the findings of the above-mentioned experiment.
  6. Discussion, which is an interpretation of the results and includes both positive and negative findings; sometimes, this section is combined with the results one.
  7. Works cited, where the writer cites the literature used.

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