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Did you ever wonder why so many scientists like Nikola Tesla, for example, went mad at some point in their life? A lot of old pictures show them together with their psychologists – which definitely has got to mean something. Well, when faced with theoretical problems such as geometry or math, you are bound to go crazy. So what can you do when you’ve already chosen a geometry major? Book a weekly visit to your shrink?

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That might be an idea. But we suggest another kind of ‘therapist’. How about you send a request to We can definitely help more than the brain doctors. We can actually let your brain relax!

Geometry – Not That Simple as It Looks

You may be a genius who can handle any kind of algebra problems with fancy looking algorithms, but when it comes to geometry, you’re stuck. How does one simply “get” geometry? It seems impossible. You keep trying and failing and then trying and failing again. It doesn’t work. You have no clue what to do. You glare at the problem and wish it would just magically disappear. But the only way for it to ‘vanish’ would be if the ‘dog ate your homework’ - which probably won’t do you any good, considering it will only earn you a bad grade.

Most students get so desperate at this point that they just want to quit. Not you, because you are a fighter. But you still fear for your sanity. How can you even find proofs in these geometry problems? They’re so difficult; it’s as if the brain simply refuses to accept them. But you still need to get them done!

Wipe those tears of frustration away, and plaster a nice, big smile on your face. We have a solution for you. Finds Your Proof

You can kiss that psychologist goodbye now (or well, maybe give them just a wave or a handshake). If you are struggling with proofs and you simply cannot seem to find them, you can contact us right away, and we will give you some help with that. When you keep looking and looking (unsuccessfully) by yourself, you will end up wasting your time and even miss your deadline. We know you do not want to do that – not if you want to pass that geometry class. Why not spare yourself the sleepless nights and bad grades, and just send a message to

Our team at is formed of brilliant geometricians that can hack at any geometry problem you might throw at them. Their trained eye can spot a proof anywhere, so you can be sure they’ll finish their work faster than you can say “Abracadabra!” No reason for you to make your problem disappear, because we’ll solve it for you.

Send a request right now and we will put our best people on the task to find your proof. Let our experts take care of your sanity while you sit back and get some rest!

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