Admission Essay

Posted: May 05, 2016





Admission Essay

My drive and desire of studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States came at a prime time to suit my lifetime passions and interests. The study abroad programs enhance a person's growth ability regarding the new environment activities presented by the University of Wisconsin. United States universities offer a variety of opportunities for students to flourish in their fields of their choice that will help in meeting my academic ambitions. My unique concerning cultural setup and education history will provide ease in the transition process to join the University of Wisconsin. The most attractive aspects that will get tapped into as a leader, researcher enthusiast and ardent soccer fan at the University of Wisconsin entail the academic, the extracurricular activities, and the research opportunities that get availed to students at the University of Wisconsin.

The academic rigor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison made me develop a passionate desire to enroll for studies with the University. Madison has received a rating as being amongst the elite schools in the United States and my background status in mathematics will not go to waste. The university offers cross-cultural opportunities for students across the globe to hone their academic skills. The University provides a combination of academic rigor and excellence through the extensive social scenes, the beautifully arranged campus facilities, and the endless opportunities presented by academic pursuits for student involvement. I wish to grow my career as a diverse leader and the fantastic opportunities offered for interaction with students in the business field, the engineering field, and those majoring in science oriented courses will enhance the attainment of this goal. The values I received from the military academy, I attended while in West Africa instilled organizational values, teamwork abilities, and respect for all that get upheld and promoted by the Wisconsin-Madison University. My siblings that live in Madison motivate my choice to study at the University of Wisconsin for the study comfort and the peace promised in the city. The military skills I acquired back then in high school should be groomed to enhance my cross-cultural leadership dreams and the University of Wisconsin guarantees leadership opportunities for students that are not natives. The experience I gained as a campus view representative in the student senate can suit my academic, social, and leadership endeavors in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Being a math club president and vice president in my previous school will aid the school as well as my leadership abilities growth.

The extracurricular activities supported the Wisconsin-Madison University are attractive to my recreational and keeping fit pursuits necessary in my desire for a whole round personality. The clubs activities in engineering and math will tap into my math club leadership experience hence making my campus life a fulfilling experience. The college leadership experience will suit my desire to help students struggling in various areas of their academic and non-academic life. The unifying sports activities encouraged in my home country will get furthered at Wisconsin-Madison University. My unconditional fanaticism in soccer will get supported by the University since it supports extracurricular activities for intensified social interaction skills. The Badgers team gets hugely celebrated by the University of Wisconsin students, and my practical soccer experience will get honored and nurtured further at the University. My ambitions in football will get tapped into by the University, and my desire to become an ardent Badger will be unstoppable. Similarly, the experiences from my different activities are the true definition of who I am now. For instance, I have visited many countries, such as UAE, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, and USA. The trips play vital role in my view of the world; I now understand the culture that surrounds me, unlike before this travel.

My zeal for research that I nurtured in high school need grooming since I like reading about different cultural heritages to enhance my learning abilities thus enabling for the meeting of endless opportunities. There are hundreds of clubs available for one to join with the incorporation of people from different backgrounds and through this, the understanding of origins of various groups of individuals will get achieved. Finding people with similar interests will be easy in the pursuit of my research activities especially in my newly enrolled third language interest in Spanish. The ability to communicate and tutor French students will expose me to a variety of interactive opportunities that will make my stay in the University of Wisconsin-Madison a fruitful journey.

In summary, the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a rare combination of academic rigor, excellent extracurricular activities, and endless research opportunities necessary for my academic and robust growth as a college student. I desire to enhance my leadership skills, research skills, and soccer dreams at the University of Wisconsin since it offers a quiet, peaceful, and competitive environment for my growth.

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