Response to feedback

Posted: May 05, 2016





Response to feedback

The day to day activities at the workplace is often defined by many issues coming up. Working in a business environment, one finds themselves in a situation where they have to communicate with various people some of them including one’s colleagues and the workmates. Because of the long period of working, one finds it easy being able to communicate and converse with the people they are working. Because of the same, there is the tendency of one to develop in them self-confidence regarding how best they are effective in communication. At one point I got feedback from my supervisor in regard to my level of communication skills. At that time I was not a not part of the Human Resource (HR) blog. I found myself in a situation that I was disapproved of my ability to communicate effectively with the rest of the team. In this line, I did my best to improve my skills. I tremendously did well on my communication skills, which, as a result led to my selection as a writer for corporate HR blog.

The supervisor approached me and informed me of my inability to communicate properly with the rest of the team. The decision by the supervisor to approach me and ask me to enroll for communication skills was an indication that maybe I was not doing it right. On receiving the news, I felt discouraged because for a long time I was sure that I was good enough when it came to communication. From the previous competitions that I had won, I was of the opinion that I was the best when it came to communication. However, to be approached by the supervisor and being asked to consider enrolling for the communication classes to improve on my capabilities was slightly demoralizing. It was discouraging because it did disapprove the thoughts that I had that I was the best. However, because the approach was presented in a professional way, I had to act in the same manner not to disappoint my supervisor though I knew the same hurt.

In response to the professional feedback, I had to try and show that I could work on the same. The decision by the supervisor to ask me to enroll for classes could be an indication that indeed I had to do something. In realizing the same, I had to respond in a way that showed humility and respect since I was trying to correct something that was being seen as weakness on my part. Having the same in mind, I knew it was my responsibility to accept that there was a need to work on my communication skills for the wellness of my colleagues and my superiors. The move by the supervisor to identify a problem with my ability to communicate was a reflection that I needed to work on the same.

Instead of being furious and mad at the supervisor, I decided to give an assurance to him that I would work on my communication and make it better. Working as the leader of the entire group, it was evident that I had to sharpen my communication skills to ensure that the message that went out was taken in a positive way and not misunderstood as being rude. It was a weakness that I decided to work on and transform into strength. It was my understanding that with proper communication skills, I could win the hearts of many and the message I was passing through could be taken positively. It was vital that I work on my communication as a way of enhancing my work. From then, I did start working on ways of improving my communication skills including the reading of books.

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