How to write an essay like greatest writers did?

Posted: September 09, 2016 - to Study
Content how to write an essay like greatest writers did

How to write an essay like greatest writers did?

Everybody writes essays. It’s one of the most beloved types of writing. Kids writing papers in schools, students writing papers in colleges, adults writing papers to expose their thoughts and feelings and writers writing papers to say everything that can’t be said out loud. An essay can be represented in the form of art, a revolution, however yet, it could be just a formal writing. But certainly, it has its own voice and enough potential for shaping the view perspective worldwide. 


We are proud to announce our event “How to write an essay like greatest writers did?” by our best writer Natalie Andersen. At this event, we are going to talk, write, and think about most prominent essay writings, including essays written by the most significant writers of all time starting from Hemingway and Nabokov and ending up with Burroughs and Kerouac.


  • We’ll analyze essays that were written by the greatest writers of all time.
  • We’ll have a look at companies’ case studies that gone viral.
  • We’ll be reading papers of unknown authors that were never read before.


Those papers should probably touch your heart and soul and after all the reading we are doing a little workshop on writing your paper with power, sincerity, and beauty. You will find an answer to the eternal question of How to write my essayYou’re going to learn:


  • How to produce strategies for making your essay viral
  • How to use technologies for gaining ideas for paper
  • How to write essays with power, style, and inspiration


After the workshop, we’ll hold a party with secret guest DJs and free drinks. This event is going to be vital to all kinds of people who are passionate about writing.

Our speaker is Natalie Andersen. She’s an educational coach and chief writer and editor based in New York City. Her one and only passion in life is writing and her most beloved form of writing is the essay. She has had a wide experience working for a research paper service during the college years. At night time she works as a DJ.

This event will be held at Le Bain club on the 18th floor of The Standard Hotel in New York City. You can sign up for the event by e-mail or via the application form. The entrance is free, however event administrators review all the sign ups, so if you haven’t received a reply to your e-mail, your sign up has been dismissed.

*****All approved sign ups will receive an e-mail with a ticket and QR code for entrance. Save the date: 21st November 2016, 19.00.

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