Top 5 Apps That Improve Your Writing

Posted: May 04, 2016 - to Essay Writing
Content top 5 apps to improve writing

Applications That Are To Help In Writing

With classes in full swing, and an abundance of academic tasks piling up, the odds are that you have encountered a range of difficulties. Maybe you don’t recognize yourself as an inborn writer, or you’re simply insecure concerning your skills in this field. However, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. It happens to all of us, so, there’s no reason to despair. As there’s always room for improvement, you should know that there are numerous apps that have been created to enhance your writing. Using them can be of great help!

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great app with many advantages. You may use it both in Outlook and Microsoft, being similar to having an English tutor, at all times, instructing you, outlining errors and grammatical mistakes that shadow your writing. It corrects nearly over 250 errors, while pointing out poor vocabulary use, and offering a broad range of suggestions that enhance your writing. A good vocabulary is a unique strength that improves one’s work. Additional features include plagiarism proofing, contextual spell-check and suggesting suitable words in context.

  1. Hemingway

Hemingway app is an excellent choice for students who aim at perfecting their writing skills, writing concise, clear, to-the-point sentences. The app highlights the areas in which your paper needs improvements. The use of different shades of colors indicates if your sentences are lengthy and difficult to read, for example. If the words you have used aren’t suitable for a context, or the use of adverbs makes the reading hard, the app outlines that as well. Concurrently, if you have used passive voice in areas where you could have avoided it, the app will point that. All in all, by using this app, you will achieve the peak of clarity in writing.

  1. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

You know that feeling when you know the word you wish to use, but, no matter what you do, it slips your mind? There’s nothing worse than that. For those moments, OneLook Reverse Dictionary can come to your assistance. You only write the concept you have in mind, and the app will provide you with a broad range of phrases and words that match. This tool is helpful as it aids you to expand your knowledge of various concepts, and find answers to fundamental questions.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is an excellent tool that can improve your productivity, assisting you to get organized. You may use it efficiently for taking notes. In order to write outstanding content, it goes without saying that taking notes plays an important part. You may use it when you’re doing research at the library, or when you’re brainstorming for innovative ideas. In a nutshell, it’s a great app.

  1. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

No student can write excellent, convincing papers without a great thesaurus and dictionary. Princeton University created this app, and its purpose is to fulfill each student’s needs for an outstanding dictionary. It comes with a great feature – enabling you to scan words by using your phone, and finding their meanings.

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