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Most people are at least somewhat familiar with what a dissertation paper entails. We all know that it requires a lot of research, plenty of reading and writing, time, effort, hard work, and a lot of brain power. You might also be familiar with the structure of a dissertation, including intro, abstract, methodology, contents, and results.

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There is another very important chapter that is not talked about as much – the discussion chapter. You see, this depends on your dissertation supervisor, but some ask that you include the results and their interpretation in the same chapter while others prefer separate sections for results and discussion.

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What is the discussion chapter of a dissertation?

As mentioned above, the discussion chapter does not appear in every dissertation, because it might be incorporated in the results chapter. However, the discussion is essentially the interpretation of the results and findings available at the end of the research process. Both positive results and negative results are included. This chapter serves several purposes, such as:

  • Justifying the approach you employed in your research
  • Explaining and interpreting your findings and results
  • Making a critical evaluation of your study
  • Answering your research question

The discussion chapter may very well turn out to be one of the most difficult to write because you have to be careful to include all the pertinent and salient points. It is quite a complex chapter that requires attention to detail and deep knowledge of the subject, the methodology, and the theory.

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