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Everyone knows that writing a dissertation is not exactly a walk in the park. All your hard work over several years in college culminates in this one paper that has to be impeccable. Consequently, it is tremendously important, and it requires a lot of time, effort, and hard work. Every single aspect of this paper is essential, which means one needs to dedicate the same kind of attention to every chapter of the dissertation paper.

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The Simple Way To Handle An Important Dissertation Chapter – Results

One of the most crucial chapters of such a project is definitely the one featuring the results. But for the students who don’t feel up to the challenge, there is an alternative: hiring a professional writing company, such as GetGoodGrads.com.

What is the results chapter of a dissertation?

As the name indicates, this chapter features the results or conclusions that are able to be drawn from the research conducted in the present dissertation. This section can be separate, or it can also include the discussion. This depends on what your supervisor will tell you. The introduction to this section should state the manner in which these findings will be presented. Then, it should feature the methodology, statistics, etc. Both positive and negative results should be included.

Keep in mind that this chapter is meant to simply present the results. If it has been indicated to you that the results and discussion should have separate chapters, then the interpretation of these results will be featured in the section dedicated to this. Each finding should be stated clearly and separately, in a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. Observations can be made, but otherwise, this chapter can turn out to be shorter than anticipated. It will be completed with the discussion one.

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