Blogging, Marketing & Social Media – Three Rules I Break and Why

Posted: May 04, 2016 - to StudyBy: Natalie
Content blogging and marketing at social media

Referring to the Rules That Are Worth Breaking

Social media is, by itself, the world in which there are a set of unspoken rules most people choose to abide by. Meanwhile, others prefer breaking them. In this blog post, I’m going to refer to three of these rules that I break. Nonetheless, before getting started, I’d like to mention that this article isn’t meant as judgmental upon other people’s practices, it’s simply an outline of what works for us best.

  1. Blog monetizing

First and foremost, you will imminently observe that our blog doesn’t come with a broad range of ads and requests for making donations. Did we have requests on this matter? Certainly. Is this a source of revenue for most blog owners? Yes. Have people provided us with the opportunity of monetizing our blog? Yes again, for numerous times. Nonetheless, in spite of that, we have decided to go against the odds. Why?

That’s mainly because, at the moment, it seems like every place you go to online is promoting and selling things. We don’t want people that come to our blog to feel as if they’re bulked up with Google ads. Hence, we’ve decided not to monetize our blog, with a few exceptions, when we truly believe in a service’s effectiveness, not because we receive money. Are we skipping a substantial source of revenue? That may be possible. But we’re also eager whenever one visitor shares our content or tells a friend about our blog.

  1. Thanking everyone for shares & tweets

I would like to begin by saying that we genuinely appreciate the shares we receive. Nonetheless, by not thanking each visitor that shares our content, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the effort. It only means that it would take a lot of time to do that every time. We know that visitors enjoy the content we create for them, and, with every share, we are grateful. But, we’d rather put the time into creating high-quality content, than thanking each for tweets and shares. On that account, on occasions, I thank all persons that have shared a piece, and I aim at answering your questions, though, which I assume is more important.

  1. The use of free incentives for increasing sign-ups to newsletter

It would seem that the use of free incentives is a golden rule at the moment – give something for free, and you’re set for life. Nonetheless, that’s a rule I don’t abide by for several reasons. Firstly, I convey a newsletter as a meaningful way of keeping readers informed and engaged. Each subscriber should want to read it. If the content isn’t what they expected, they will unsubscribe without having second thoughts, being disappointed.

Secondly, a lot of people misuse freebies. The abundance of free things being offered for the sole purpose of marketing is sheer manipulation, having a unique objective in mind – that of upselling services or products in the future. Nonetheless, we believe that poor marketing strategies are disappointing, that’s why we avoid them, at all costs.

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