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The discussion chapter is, probably, the most interesting, yet, the most challenging section of your thesis. Many students confuse it with the results section, whereas many others combine the two into a self-standing chapter. Nonetheless, a thesis discussion is a separate section that should present to the reader the relevance of the findings in relation to the debated topic.

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Important steps in writing a thesis discussion

First and foremost, it goes a long way to comprehend the objective of the discussion. Mainly, this section has four distinctive goals, as following:

  • Interpreting and justifying the results outlined in the thesis
  • Giving a detailed answer to the research question
  • Explaining the approach
  • Critically assessing the study

Therefore, this section should, by all means, review the findings. Simultaneously, one needs to acknowledge the following limitations of the study. One thing you should bear in mind is that this chapter of your thesis should outline your approach – to put it roughly, you should speak your mind open.

The discussion is, in fact, a critical examination of the findings, in relation to previous information written on the subject. Concurrently, it matters a lot to outline the way in which the thesis plays a significant role in answering a range of stressing concerns in the given field of study. You needn’t describe, nor enumerate the results. On the contrary, you should justify them, and use practical connotations to make your point clear.

This part is meant to sharpen one’s critical and analytical thinking, as the reader should be provided with an accurate and comprehensive explanation. Hence, one needs to analyze the context thoroughly, while acknowledging that there are a set of shortcomings that come with the territory, and further studying is necessary for a more comprehensive understanding.

What should your thesis discussion encompass?

There is a range of factors that should, by all means, be included in a regular thesis discussion.

  • A summary incorporating the results of the study
  • A detailed interpretation of the information – it shouldn’t be a mere description
  • Outline what makes the findings relevant to the area of study
  • Highlight the way in which the results are interwoven with the hypothesis
  • Connect the findings with previous discussions on the same subject
  • Outline the following shortcomings of the study
  • Make further recommendations for future reference and research can do a fantastic job for you!

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