Thesis Introduction

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The introduction to your thesis is an especially important chapter, being the incipient section. That’s mainly because it introduces the reader to the study you are about to develop. Simultaneously, this part encompasses the references used in your thesis, linking different research sources, while informing the reader of the main highlights in the paper.

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Thesis Introduction

Not to mention that this chapter should outline why you’re interested in your realm of study, and the questions you aim at answering through your thesis. While it may have some features in common with the abstract, it’s much more complex. A thesis is not an easy endeavor – hence, the oxymoron – nor is the introduction. Now, let’s move on to answering this question – how to craft a convincing thesis introduction?

Writing a persuasive thesis introduction

As your introduction is the incipient section of your thesis, it should be written correctly, as with every beginning. We could say that the introduction is a sheer insight into the whole paper, enabling the reader to convey the approach, and anticipate the style of the writing. It’s a lot to write in just a couple of pages, right? But it’s true.

The truth is that what makes it harder to compose a fantastic introduction is that beginnings are typically hard. You recognize that the stakes are high and that the first chapter of your thesis should be outstanding, but you cannot come up with something that is good enough. That’s a commonly-met feeling, in fact, most students experience it.

Now, let’s get acquainted with some guidelines that will make your thesis introduction stand out:

  • Start with an engaging phrase, which will bring the reader into the spirit of the paper. Keeping your audience engaged is a must, and an excellent introduction is the one way to do that.
  • Compose a short, to-the-point outline of your work, but don’t include everything in the introduction, you don’t want to give everything away – that’s the exact opposite of keeping your reader enticed. For instance, mention your work methods, but don’t elaborate on the research results.
  • Avoid using lengthy citations in this chapter. As the introduction is just a small insight into the work, the citations should be included later on.
  • Avoid making multiple statements whose reliability you cannot prove through scholarly sources.
  • Keep a straightforward, to-the-point style, and ensure that the language is clear yet suitable for your academic level.

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