Thesis Methodology

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Among the many custom services we provide, one of the most demanded is the thesis methodology. It would appear that this segment of a thesis is an endless source of confusion and challenges to many students. That’s why it’s important to comprehend the purpose of a thesis methodology, and its significance in relation to the paper itself.

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The objective of the thesis methodology

On that account, we’ll answer the following question – what is the purpose of the methodology, and how should one structure it?

Generally speaking, this chapter shouldn’t just enumerate the methods one has used in his/her thesis. In fact, it should justify the use of particular methods, in the aim of gathering relevant data for the paper. One should talk about alternative methodologies, and their high points regarding the subject, as well as the limitations. Simultaneously, one’s choice of methods should be linked to the frame of work highlighted in the literature review section.

In simpler words, a thesis methodology should be rooted in the research question, and the goals the student has aimed at achieving through the paper. The description of the methodology should be, by all means, clearly outlined, and comprehensive. The style of writing should be appropriate for the realm of study, yet detailed and transparent.

Structuring a thesis methodology

Another primordial aspect that matters a lot in drafting a comprehensive thesis methodology is the structure. Its structure should be clearly organized, to make the data as easy to digest as possible. The approach you have chosen should be presented in relation to its strong and weak points. Plus, organizing the information into sections will enable you to display them given the conceptual frameworks.

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